May Reviews

Been awhile since I’ve posted. So, here are some mini reviews of movies I’ve seen lately.


Set in Philadelphia, though mostly filmed elsewhere, tells the tale of Billy Batson, abandoned by his mother and living in foster homes, until he is chosen one day to take on the mantle of the great wizard Shazam against the forces of evil. Cute and quirky, with lots of humor. Far less destruction and body count than other DC adaptations these days.

Final Grade: C+

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World”

The third adventure of young viking HIccup and his dragon Toothless. This time the duo and their friends are up against those who wish to eradicate all dragons from the world. Much better than the second entry in the series, with a good balance of seriousness and humor.

Final Grade: B+

“Avengers: Endgame”

After the events of “Infinity War” the heroes try to live their lives and figure out if there is any way to undo the damage Thanos has perpetrated on the universe. Will they succeed? Do you really need an answer to that? Lots of questionable writing and plot points in this “final” entry in the series, but an entertaining ride nevertheless.

Final Grade: C+

“Pokémon Detective Pikachu”

In a world filled with Pokémon, Tim doesn’t have one of his own, and resents that his father went to live in Rime City, where the critters and humans live alongside each other, to pursue his career as a detective. Believing his father has died, Tim heads to the city to clear up a few matters and runs into his father’s partner, a Pikachu with whom Tim can somehow communicate. Pikachu explains Tim’s father may not be dead, and the two reluctantly set off together on an adventure to find out what really happened. Fun, silly, entertaining. Ryan Reynolds as Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu. An enoyable romp.

Final Grade: B-

“John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”

Now excommunicado from the assassins, and with a bounty on his head, John Wick fights to stay alive and perhaps get his bounty lifted. The two hour runtime of this movie is roughly 30 minutes plot, and 1.5 hours of people fighting each other. It also sets up for a potential fourth installment. If you enjoyed the previous two films, you’ll likely enjoy this one. Though personally, I enjoyed the previous two more than this one.

Final Grade: C-

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