Plague Isolation: Unending…

Since this has been going on for so long, and will continue to go on for at least several more months (my company notified us today, no reopening the office until at least September, and maybe later than that), this is my last “Plague Isolation” post.

Today’s topic returns to one that I discussed previously: computer chairs! If you haven’t read my older post, in brief, I have been trying to find a decent computer chair for years. I finally found it in 2018 in the form of a Secret Lab Titan. Once I started to work from home all the time, the chair proved its worth even more!

The catch started a few weeks ago. Once the working from home thing became more than a brief occurrence, I relocated my work computer to a different room from my gaming computer so I could have better separation between my work life and my personal life. While this has helped greatly in my personal well being, and I’m not spending all day in the same room of my home, this also meant I was no longer sitting in my comfy Secret Lab chair while working any more, just while playing games, crafting, surfing the web, etc.

Well, no more! I checked out the 2020 lineup at Secret Lab and bought a second one. This time around I opted for a fabric upholstery rather than the PU leather. I don’t mind the leather too much, but it can make me contact sweat a bit as the weather warms up. They do, however, have some fancy new choices in the leather lineup this year, including Game of Thrones and Batman, if that’s your thing.

The new chair for my gaming/crafting room. Ignore the chair’s packing materials on the floor, and my puppy’s unicorn toy…

After putting this new beauty together, I relocated my older leather model to my work computer. Speaking of putting it together, many props go to the Secret Lab team as the new models can be assembled even easier than the 2018 model! I had it put together in just over half an hour.

I’m looking forward to now being comfortable again while I work and play. I also ordered myself one of the desk risers that will let you use your keyboard and mouse while standing, because as comfortable as these chairs are, sitting constantly all day is still kinda bad for you. I’ll be able to stand while working when I need to, and be comfortable when I’m sitting and working.

Hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy, my regular style of posting will likely resume soon…

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