House (mostly) fixed!

PECO came out today and reattached the wiring to my house, and fixed the hole in the bricks. The cracks in the mortar still exist, but these are less troubling to me, and hard to prove the cracks weren’t there before, so I’m not going to push the issue.

With the torrential downpours we’ve had over the past week, I hope there won’t be water damage where the hole was. I haven’t noticed anything, and hope my shared wall neighbor hasn’t either.

At any rate, glad this is finally fixed!

There‚Äôs a hole in my house

On Sunday, August 5, around 11:45am (ish) I heard a loud banging noise from outside. Immediately followed by a power outage. Upon inspection, the old pole that served up our electricity and internet had finally broken, seemingly of its own accord.

I contacted PECO and told them the pole had broken, but more than that, the wires that normally connected to my home were ripped from their mounts. A few loose bricks were also on the ground, with a hole present in the outside wall. I was instructed to avoid any of the now sagging wires for safety reasons, and that a crew was being dispatched. They knew of the outtage and that several customers were affected.

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