Plague Isolation: Day 15

Two weeks in. Two long weeks in. And, apparently, more to come.

Everyone touted the whole “flatten the curve” or “slow the spread” with this self isolation, stay at home stuff. And, I think it should have worked. Only it hasn’t.

Mostly, I believe, because people aren’t doing it.

I see on my street alone, neighbors coming and going all the time. People visiting my neighbors for the day then leaving. I live near a heavily trafficked street, and yeah, it is still heavily trafficked to this day even though only “life sustaining, essential” businesses are supposed to be open right now in my state.

So…the virus continues its spread at a rapid pace and nothing has been flattened or slowed. The stay at home order will likely remain in place (even though only some of us are following it for our own health). You know things are bad when Disney theme parks are closed until further notice.

Anyway, is a stormy day here. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain. Can’t even enjoy any time outside.

Guess I’ll play some more video games…

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