I’m Now an (Adult) Orphan

I lost my mother in the Autumn of 2021. She had been suffering a multi year battle against dementia. Her passing was long expected during her decline in health over the last year of her life.

I had been on vacation. My normally annual (save 2020, because of…you know) trip to Orlando to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. On the day of my departure, I received a phone call from my brother that my mother’s nursing home had placed her on hospice. Is that the way you say that? I don’t know. I debated whether I should go, but since it didn’t seem like there would be any immediate issue, my brother and I decided I would go on the trip.

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Plague Isolation: Day 5

It has been five days since my company ordered everyone to work from home in order to help stop the spread of the insidious virus known as COVID-19. Then, two days later, the governor ordered the entire state to stay home, unless working in an “essential” industry. I will certainly do my duty and remain in isolation (with a housemate) as much as possible, only going to the store to replenish food when absolutely necessary.

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