Month of scares

Since Covid-19 destroyed my chances at attending Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando this year, I have spent the month of October watching various horror movies on various streaming platforms. Here’s some of the ones I enjoyed, in no particular order, and where you can watch them.

The Wretched (hulu)
A young trouble-maker, Ben, is sent to spend the Summer with his father working at a marina. He notices the parents of the kids next door acting a bit weird, and then said parents start denying they ever had children. As Ben investigates, every step closer to the truth brings more and more danger to himself and those he cares about.

Little Monsters [2019] (hulu)
Dave is a down on his luck musician who just broke up with his girlfriend and is crashing on his sister’s couch. He reluctantly agrees to help out with his five year old nephew by bringing him to his kindergarten class. When there, he spots the teacher and starts to fall for her. He volunteers to help on a class field trip to a petting zoo to get in good with teacher. However, while on the trip, a zombie outbreak occurs, and the unlikely pair must do everything they can to protect the kids and get out alive. Horror comedy.

The Mortuary Collection (shudder)
An anthology framed by a young girl trying to get a job as a mortician’s assistant. The mortician explains people are just the stories they leave behind, and tells the girl some of his favorites that have come through his doors. Twists and turns abound, and overall an enjoyable watch.

The Cleansing Hour (shudder)
Based on the short film of the same name, the story concerns two wannabe filmmakers who have made a living producing live streams of “exorcisms” on the Internet. The catch being, of course, the duo are faking all the exorcisms by using actors to be the possessed. So what to do when during the latest live stream a real demon decides to possess the actor? Does it only want to humiliate our fakes, or is some bigger plan in the works?

Scare Me (shudder)
An unpublished writer has a chance encounter with a best selling author. As a storm rages, the two spend the evening together telling each other scary stories. As the night goes on the stories become more intense as each author tries to show up the other.

The Selling (amazon prime)
Comedy about too-honest real estate agent who is trying to sell a house with a horrible history. And several ghosts. Hard to sell a place when the walls start bleeding, right?

Movies for Purchase/Rental

The Wolf of Snow Hollow
In the small town of Snow Hollow someone — or something — is brutally killing the locals. Local deputy John is determined to get to the bottom of it, prove it isn’t a monster, and punish those responsible. But at what cost to his relationships and life?

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and Bill Nye guest star in the latest Scooby Gang outing. The Scarecrow (the Batman villain) is caught by the gang, but it quickly becomes apparent both the villain and the gang have been set up by a far more insidious plot involving mutant pumpkins.

Fund Raiser

I Put a Spell On You: The Sanderson Sisters Break the Internet
Finally, you can watch this for free, but the intent is to raise money to help out with those affected by COVID-19. It’s a musical cabaret of people playing various Disney villains (and a few others). You can donate through YouTube or the website they list in the video description.

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