Plague Isolation: Day 5

It has been five days since my company ordered everyone to work from home in order to help stop the spread of the insidious virus known as COVID-19. Then, two days later, the governor ordered the entire state to stay home, unless working in an “essential” industry. I will certainly do my duty and remain in isolation (with a housemate) as much as possible, only going to the store to replenish food when absolutely necessary.

I’m already becoming a sloth and getting antsy.

Missing my (nearly) daily walks with coworkers, I decided I needed to take action. Restless leg syndrome is bad enough on its own, but without any activity at all it is far worse for me.

Sure, I’ve gotten lots of great playtime and progress in “Dead by Daylight” on my PC. Streaming “Here’s Lucy” on Amazon Prime Video has been a treat. And without the various distractions an office environment brings, I’ve been (reasonably) productive at my job.

Swiffer duster in hand, I thus began the arduous task of cleaning off a treadmill I haven’t used in….well….a long time. I cleaned up all the items now residing on the overpriced shelf. A good dose of lubricant under the tread belt, and I was able to once again become an ambulatory human being.

Sure, I could have gone for a walk around the neighborhood, as long as I kept my distance from anyone else. But that just seemed like it would be awkward to experience.

“Oh, hello, neighbor — no! Stay away! Don’t come any closer!”

Oh well. I’m mostly an introvert anyway.

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