Plague Isolation: Day 7

It’s been one week…

The governor today announced that the state will be enforcing their rules about only essential businesses being open. So now we really can’t go anywhere. Not sure what happens to those people who can’t work, but I know state and federal government is trying to make it so those people still get paid.

I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home.

Nonetheless, starting to get a little cra cra.

I love going to movies, and bought one of those unlimited movie plans from my theatre chain of choice, and would go at least twice a month…but of course, they’re closed, and even if they weren’t, who’d want to go hang out with a bunch of strangers in the dark right now? People cough and sneeze during movies all the time when there isn’t a pandemic…

Of course, some of the movie studios are now making their movies available to stream for a fee. A rather high fee, actually. Around $20 to rent a movie. I mean, I get it. That $20 is whether you watch the movie alone or with your whole family (but again — social distancing, so only people in your household already). But dammit, I wouldn’t pay for the individual movies if I could go to the theatre, so I’m torn.

The video game Doom Eternal came out today, and Amazon still managed to deliver my copy to me (more than I can say for my phone cleaner I ordered weeks ago, and those people keep making excuses). I did play it some tonight, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it over the next several days. Maybe I should figure out how to hang a sheet in the backyard, get my old 720p projector out, and play the games outside? I dunno. Not easily done unless I set the projector and game up inside, in a window, and have it project out. What’s the range on a wireless Xbox controller?

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