Been a minute since I posted…

I haven’t gone to a movie theater since “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City” back in November. And that, I might add, was not a good movie to have been my last time in a theater. I might venture back out to a theater soon, but man, this Covid-19 crap has got to stop. At least I can still stream stuff!

I also picked up a new 3D printer. I got an Anycubic Photo Mono X, which is a resin based printer. I have the original Anycubic Photon from years ago, which is a tiny printer. But still very cool. I wanted to go bigger though, so enter the Mono X which can handle prints up to 192mm (~7.5in) x 120mm(~4.7in) x 245mm (~9.6in).

As is usual with a new 3D printer, I had to spend some time figuring out the settings and getting many failed prints before I started having some very good successes. I also signed up for this Patreon that does custom models of Marvel characters. Wicked, as the artists are known, have some fantastic models, and this is the first print of theirs I have attempted. It’s Spider-Man from the recent films, and was printed in 30+ parts, glued together, and finally painted. The prints took ages, of course, and I spent the better part of a weekend with my printer working, finishing a print, I remove the print, refill some resin, and start the next print. It isn’t perfect, there are some problems with it, but overall it turned out really well:

Hoping to print out more of these great sculpts, though maybe not at original size. That guy is huge. 🙂 His top most pointing mechanical arm reaches up to about 13″ tall. I might try reducing that down to 2/3 or maybe even 1/2 size going forward.

That’s it for now. I might go back to doing some movie reviews, or I might just decide to post here sporadically. Not sure. I do know I’m not getting rid of this site anytime soon, so I might as well use it. Just need to figure out what I want to use it for.

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