Been a minute since I posted…

I haven’t gone to a movie theater since “Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City” back in November. And that, I might add, was not a good movie to have been my last time in a theater. I might venture back out to a theater soon, but man, this Covid-19 crap has got to stop. At least I can still stream stuff!

I also picked up a new 3D printer. I got an Anycubic Photo Mono X, which is a resin based printer. I have the original Anycubic Photon from years ago, which is a tiny printer. But still very cool. I wanted to go bigger though, so enter the Mono X which can handle prints up to 192mm (~7.5in) x 120mm(~4.7in) x 245mm (~9.6in).

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Crafting Machines

Those who know me know I like to engage from time to time in various crafty endeavors.  Just last year I learned how to do loom knitting and have made several knit caps that I have given away to friends and coworkers (most of whom graciously accepted, whether they wanted them or not).  Recently I completed my first (and potentially only since I didn’t enjoy making it very much) pair of knitted socks.

So, I dabble.

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